The Oscar champ has composed an energetic letter about the compensation crevice for Lena Dunham's "Lenny" pamphlet. Lawrence tragically turn into an ideal example for the issue last December, when the Sony hack uncovered that she and Amy Adams were paid not exactly their male costars in American Hustle. 

In the letter — titled ~Why Do I Make Less Than  my Male Co-actors?~ — Lawrence says that she has beforehand  remained ever-so marginally calm on the point of woman's rights. Presently, however, she understands that discussion could realize tremendously required change. 

"I'm over attempting to locate the "charming" approach to express my feeling and still be amiable! F*ck that," Lawrence composes. I don't think I would have worked for a man in control who  pumped efforts examining what edge he ought to use to have his voice listened. It's simply listened.

She goes ahead to address the American Hustle circumstance straightforwardly, saying that she didn't push in contract transactions inspired by a paranoid fear of being seen as "ruined," "troublesome" or "a whelp" — words Sony executives used to depict Angelina Jolie in spilled mes.

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