Agents affirmed Tuesday that a Russian Buk rocket shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine, however what the examination neglected to reveal is who shot the rocket and why. 

The rocket assault on the non military personnel Boeing 777-200, shot down with no attempt at being subtle on July 17, 2014, murdered 298 travelers.. The Netherland Emergency Board let the examination on the grounds that 193 of the 298 individuals slaughtered were from the Netherlands. 

The Dutch-drove Investigation crew, which is reconstructing a criminal case said the work to figure out who shot the rocket and why will extend into 2016. The group in proclamation said they had thought that it was hard to find  and get finite answers.

It is vital to keep on doing all that we can to guarantee that the blameworthy gatherings don't escape equity, he said. 

Najib Razak, Malaysia's head administrator, said the world must guarantee that "those mindful are considered responsible for this lethal demonstration."

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