Morgan Heritage, the very acclaimed illustrious group of reggae, is in Kenya for the second time. 

The family is planned to perform at the Extravaganza KE show on Saturday, October third close by a few specialists, for example, Avril and Wangechi from coke studio, Wyre, Kristoff, Timmy and Rapdamu. 

The reggae bunch, which has recorded melodies for no less than two decades, at a question and answer session on Wednesday spoke affectionately about their second time in Kenya. 

They insinuated that they are anticipating performing their most recent collection, entirely pulls without precedent for Kenya. 

The collection has collabos with a few specialists including Bob Marley's grandson, Jo Mersa Marley and Shaggy. 

Morgan Heritage, got some information about their most loved sustenance in Kenya, were not modest in saying fish. Their most significant minute while in Kenya was the point at which they ate fish at Lake Victoria, Kisumu. 

The gathering got energized subsequent to being presented with a tremendous fish at the lakeside city. 

Gramps Morgan said that he prepared the fish Jamaican style however understood that a great deal of Kenyan foods are like those back home. He said that he adores angle and is anticipating eating a greater amount of it in Kenya.

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