The fabulous social media application, Twitter has taken another wise  move by adding a new service to its product that has been termed as Twitter 10k by many social media fanatics.
Since the launch of the Twitter application, one could not encode a text with more than  150 characters, and this has caused embarrassment and negative feedback from the loyal users.
 Earlier on Twitter had launched a service for direct messages on groups with similar chats interests that gave users opportunity to message anybody they had not followed or who has not followed them.
The purpose for availing this new service is to set the media app in the forefront to compete with other established social media applications such as viber, WhatsApp, Instagram and the vibrant Facebook which have already toiled their coins in every way so as to enable their messaging capabilities.

Upon official release of service, the Twitter fanatics will have the opportunity to encode  their longer messages and  in a more funnier way.They will also be able

to add image emojis and photos captions to the messages to make it have a richer semantic.

The online  messaging  platform  being the  concern in the recent days and a lifestyle of every media fanatic, Twitter has thought it well that it won't relent in  addressing  the issue of public and private content   passed to each other, and that's why they are working in every nanosecond to improve to improve the experience of  public and private Twitter content to make it seamlessly enjoyable to everybody.

The media company also availed that one would also quote a tweet, and he or she can do so without using any character as they embedded in the post.Also, vines, video and music clips will also be integrated into both public and private  tweets

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