Julia kawalya , a born fashion model from Uganda who caused breakup between the south africa based socialite zari and former girlfriend to Farouk,   has done  something insinuating by undergoing a luxurious  surgery costing about more than half a million to enlarge her   behind booties in Brazil, a vast South American country known for its famous world players.The optimal surgery  cost for any parts  body  enhancement usually costs  around $ 15000.

During the start of the  year, she underwent weight losing surgical operation which was performed by professional doctor by name Dr carbal from Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan region of Brazil. 
The Ugandan renown fashion model and socialite said that the idea of being operated a costly surgery operation was being influenced by modelers and renown hip-hop artists like Nick Minaj and JLopez whom she envies most by their looks of figured sized bodies.

The socialite also said she could not puzzle out how a ladies with even more than three children could still have beautiful bodies with looks like of teenage girls aged sixteen years while they were in their mid-thirties of their ages.

The health risks associated with the butt surgery usually outweighs the advantages of it because  large blocks of fats are drained from other parts of the body  and moved to lower joints of the buttocks.AS such effects like death, bleeding and veins clots may occur as results of complications accompanied by these surgeries such as fat grafting and fat suction.

Upon her strong defence against the effects of butt enlargement surgery, she said it might have a longer health lifestyle and the cut off fats from all other parts of body destroys fatty chemicals which might cause dangerous cancer cells.
The  Ugandan socialite who is undergoing uninterrupted recover from the
surgery promises that she may have the bootylicious ass property behind her and she may be may be highly sought for video and advertisement  fields because of her enormous butt influence.

Her Fellow socialite and fashion from Kenya, who also underwent the butts enlargement surgery, Vera sidika was seen wondered on her Facebook fans page on Julia outdo her and become the big east African Mostly sought after socialite.

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