The top  east Africa renown  and current utanipenda hitmaker is in suspense mood  about having fathered  another woman apart from her Ugandan socialite ,zari Hassan  whom she is in love relationship with.

During his interview on local radio station on last Sunday,the East Africa number one rave star  said that the  he had in one  night time sleep with a  night nurse whom  he refused  to disclose when he had  hold a performance show right back in mwanza in 2010 in Tanzania.

Diamond platinum said that he thinks that the one night relationship could have resulted to  kid which he  is yet to see.He said that  the lady had come from  his friends cubicle and had accompanied  him to the rooms where he resided during that night and through that night he  corked that lady hard and to be told later that the lady was pregnant.

After  being alert by those news ,diamond said  he  took full responsibility of  taking care for her needs  and but reached to point when the lady cut off communication with  him and  took a step forward  to visit her family  in mwanza region where every in  the family  welcome him well.

The nataka kulewa star said that one  moment  he had asked the lady if she had
conceived   but the lady totally declined to those claims saying that she had  not given birth and  she had procured an abortion to the baby but  later on the wema ex-boyfriend knew the  woman had conceived.

As the months passed on the woman confessed  the  to the  zari Hassan lover that she had not procured an abortion and she had conceived  and he was the parenting father to the kid  but the diamond platinumz insisted that the woman should  give him the pictures of the kid.

Later on in the dawn ,the lady had left   to the village  so that she may  get the photo of the baby but however he could never managed to  wait for her she delayed  and he could not stand to miss the plane he  already missed so he left   but upon his arrival  in capital city , he told that the beauty that should  pass the kid pictures  through e-lectronic mail but  the lady did  not concern her self whether to  deliver the pics  nor to pick his  voice calls .

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