February month has knocked in just the other day, and everybody is just smiling on the way to bank as he or she withdraws salary from their accounts though everybody is cautious on how to spend the money while being in town.But still there some ways you can choose and get yourself bankrupt and here are the ways to avoid then.

You can lose your money easily when you involve yourself in staking or placing bets while you don't have any skill or knowledge on what it takes to win a gamble or lose a gamble, so take care when you think of placing bets.

For men, they should avoid excessive gulping of liquor and avoid buying alcohol to their friend or girlfriends so as to show off that they dollars and this can result to huge and stout payements  for the drinks taken thus being a waste of money to them.

You should also be alert on internet frauds and hoaxes which sometimes may lure you to offering a job from certain companies.
Guys who do this kind of stuff may deceit you that you have already been a successful candidate for the job, and you may be required to pay a certain fee either for catering for entry or insurance bills.So keep them if you don't want to loose your money.

My fellow men should also take great care  when it comes to raving with ladies as the group of damsel you keep around yourself  are always after your money, and they demand anything just petty to quench their thirst  of their growing needs and to your surprise you may find yourself  broke and destitute and hanging around like a mad dog.

 You need also to trim down all those idle programs you have subscribed to such as amphitheatre and games associations because they will make you lose a lot of money yearly as you are busy with other services such tv movies and soap operas you have subscribed to.

To the car  and other locomotives owners,  you should drive wisely and 
avoid maneuvering at great high speeds on your highways as this usually
lessens your vehicle engine span life and it translates that you should spend more on maintaining and repair it which might be too costly.

Lastly,  avoid fake deals and contracts which result to lending lots of money to close pals without making a written agreement that the money should be paid on certain period.

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